Our Vision

“To be the active leader in the provision of finance for housing and land property for residential purposes”

Our Mission

“We are committed to provide affordable housing finance by being professional and profitable to satisfy our stakeholders”

Annual Reports

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The role of the Corporation in Samoan society is to provide access to quality financial services and to provide affordable homes for those on modest incomes.

Most of its clients are middle to low income earners who are unable to qualify for credit facilities from commercial financial institutions, as they do not meet the collateral requirements and or repayment schedules.

Since its establishment in 1990, the Corporation has managed to increase its market share in home financing with a total portfolio of $40 million. As a lending institution, the Corporation is dependent on long term borrowings from local lending institutions and income generated from repayment collections.

Our Mandate

The Samoa Housing Corporation is a State Owned Enterprise that was established pursuant to the provisions of the Housing Corporation Act 1989 and as amended in 2010 with principal functions of lending money on mortgages or other security for the purposes of erecting, renewing, repairing, extending, purchasing or otherwise acquiring a home for personal occupation of the borrower or the borrower’s family, or to assist the borrower to acquire land for the purpose of erecting a home for personal occupation.

Housing Corporation Act 2010
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The Corporation being a Public Trading Entity is required to comply with the requirements as stipulated in the following Legislations and mandated regulations:

  1. Housing Corporation Act 2010
  2. Public Finance and Management Act 2001
  3. Public Bodies( Performance and Accountability) Amendment Act 2012
  4. Companies Amendment Act 2006
  5. Labour & Employment Act 1972
  6. Cabinet Directives
  7. Provision of the Strategy for Development of Samoa (SDS)
  8. Central Bank Prudential Guidelines

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