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The Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer, Management and Staff welcome with great delight our valued customers, business and community partners, and potential customers to this new website. The Samoa Housing Corporation has been serving the Samoan community for over thirty years as a Financial Institution to help our vulnerable citizens in the financing of their housing needs and help people acquire freehold lands for residential purposes. In addition, we provide Rental homes to those who prefer the privacy of a rental unit for their peace of mind and savings.


Our Main Purpose

The Samoa Housing Corporation was created in 1989 by the Government of Samoa through the Housing Corporation of Samoa Act 1989, which was later amended in 2010 as a Housing Development Financial Institution. Our primary role is to provide the missing ingredient in housing development, (Finance) for those who are unable to access accessing financial assistance from Commercial Banks. SHC has continued to lend monies on acceptable securities to finance any housing needs, land purchase investment for residential purposes, and provide rental accommodation for families at affordable rates for all Samoan citizens.

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