How To Apply

  1. The applicant is required to discuss with the responsible loan officer who is designated to the village in which the applicant is from or where the project is to be implemented.
  2. The applicant will be given an application form to complete together with the check list of all the requirements that must be presented to the loan officer. The loan officer will assist the applicant in filling the form if needed.


The check list will require the following information:

  1. Employment confirmation of the applicant and guarantors,
  2. Identifications,
  3. Bank details,
  4. List of materials and costs,
  5. Guarantors consents, and their employment confirmation etc,
  6. A technical drawing is required for new projects.

Loan Process

The loan process will involve the following:

  1. Site visit by the loan officer to inspect, verify and confirm the project site whether on customary land or on freehold land,
  2. The legal division will conduct a search on the client and guarantors to verify them being free from any legal involvement in any other loan within the Corporation,
  3. If land is offered for loan security the same process applies,
  4. Clearance from the legal division will open the way for the loan officer to prepare the loan appraisal report,
  5. The Chief Executive Officer will have the final decision on all loan applications, unless the loan application requires a Board of Directors approval.
  6. The same process applies for loan applications from Savaii Branch.


  1. The application form can be uplifted from the main office in Apia for those living in Apia or in our branch in Savaii for residents in Savaii.
  2. Or can be downloaded from the official website. (Will revise and send the existing one for uploading.)

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